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Genome 4.2 SP8 supports VS2013 and .NET 4.5 - Thursday, October 24, 2013
Genome v4.2.9 provides integration to Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 with the same functionality as for VS2010 and VS2012. Also with this update the DataDomain schema projects can be compiled to .NET 4.5 and .NET 4.5.1 too. The service pack contains a few minor fixes in the runtime too.  
Genome 4.2 SP7 released - Wednesday, May 01, 2013
With a few fixes and a small feature!  
Genome 4.2 SP6 supports VS2012 RTM - Friday, August 24, 2012
Genome v4.2.7 provides integration to Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 RTM with the same functionality as for VS2010. This release contains only this tool enhancement and no change in the runtime.  
Genome 4.2 SP5 with VS2012 RC support - Friday, June 29, 2012
Genome v4.2.6 provides integration to Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 RC with the same functionality as for VS2010. This release contains only this tool enhancement and no change in the runtime.

Important note: Visual Studio 2012 RC comes with a change in the MsBuild system, that causes the Genome builds fail (in VS2012 and also in VS2010) with the following error:
error MSB4185: The function "CurrentUICulture" on type "System.Globalization.CultureInfo" has not been enabled for execution.

This problem will be fixed my Microsoft in VS2012 RTM. In the meanwhile you have to set the environment variable “MSBUILDENABLEALLPROPERTYFUNCTIONS” to “1”. (You might need to restart Visual Studio).

Genome 4.2 SP2 (v4.2.3) released - Oct 29, 2010
With many fixes and small features!  
Genome 4.2 released - Feb 10, 2010
Supports now Visual Studio 2010!  
Updated roadmap - Dec 22, 2009
learn more about the upcoming Genome v4.2 release  
Genome 4.1 released - Mar 31, 2009
Read more about what's new in this release.  
New Product Video released - Jan 16, 2009
Get a quick overview of Genome v4.  
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Thank you for your interest in GENOME. Genome licenses can be either be purchased directly from us or via one of our resellers (see list).

Purchasing Genome directly from us
You can contact us directly by e-mail ( to purchase licenses, especially if you wish to

  • Process a Purchase Order
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  • Extend your subscription to upgrades and support

We accept all major credit cards and purchase orders. Here are our account details for wire transfers:

IBAN: CH 6500 206 206 381 819 01G

Purchasing Genome online via SWREG

You can also order Genome online from our international distributor, SWREG. They offer a secure site that accepts all major payment options such as creditcards, PayPal and wire transfer.
Please follow this link to select the Genome edition you would like to order online via SWREG.

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30-day money-back guarantee
If you are not satisfied with Genome for some reason, you can return your license for a full refund. 

Encrypted secure order process
Our resellers offer secure, encrypted order processes to protect your personal information. In this context, you may also wish to read our privacy policy. We do not pass on details to any third parties, unless you have given us your explicit consent.

Rapid delivery
Orders will be processed within one business day after you have placed your order (whether you decide to order via one of our resellers or purchase directly from us). You will then receive a license key and instructions by e-mail so that you can download Genome from our website. Please note that you require a Genome user account to download any version of Genome. When you purchase a Genome license, we can either set up an account for you or, if you prefer, we can upgrade an existing user account as soon as your order has been processed.

Recoverable license
If you ever lose your license key, we will provide a new copy free of charge.

Access to upgrades
All Genome license prices listed on our web site and by our resellers are one-time fees. All Genome licenses include one year of access to all upgrades, bug fixes and support. Additional years of subscription can be purchased any time, at 30% of the original list price. Users will be alerted when major new releases are available.